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Twitter is an effective way to promote your business

Micro blog for any kind of business, even very niche projects

Why Twitter?

How can we help?

We help you establish a micro-blog with content to break through the noise

Reach diverse audiences

The Twitter community is very diverse. Users’ interests range from technology and innovations to gossip and lifestyle, from global news to very specialised communities. Whatever your business, you will find your followers on Twitter

Supply fast news

Twitter users use the app to stay up to date with news and trending topics. Tell them what’s new in your business -whether it’s a special offer, new appointments or your latest break through. Be on time

Improve customer service

85% of small and medium business users use Twitter to provide customer service. Monitoring what people say about your company. It’s an effective way to reduce negative reviews and receive feedback directly from your customers

Be mobile friendly

80% of users access Twitter on a mobile device, and 93% of video views are on mobile. You must be mobile friendly

Free audit of your Twitter community

Provide a link to your company’s Twitter account and contact details. Our team will get back to you with a free audit of your activities

    What to expect from promotion on Twitter

    Research: Audit of the current community; Analysis of Target Audience, their needs and interests; Competitor analysis, their USP and communication strategies

    Strategy and planning: Development and implementation of a content strategy to build your brand’s online following, targeting the right people and serving the right purpose

    Creating content: We develop a content plan and think of weekly columns and posts that appeal to your audience. Write text and choose hashtags

    Day-to-day management: We communicate with your community, reply to their tweets. Find trending topics to comment on and opinion leaders to get into conversation with. Search for other opportunities to grow the community organically

    Paid ads: If you use social media to drive sales, we adapt your core offer or add tripwires to convert followers into loyal buyers

    Analytics: Weekly and monthly reports for content, community engagement and ad campaigns. We translate data into actionable plans for the upcoming months

    Twitter is a solution for a niche business to find their audience, e.g highly specialised B2B businesses, tech-heavy businesses and start-ups. Twitter ads are exceptionally effective at driving traffic to mobile apps, blockchain projects and financial services

    What budget do I need for Twitter ads?

    The cost for Twitter ads depends on the niche, strategy, volume and country you’re targeting. We work with any budget. Fill in the form below and our team will get back to you with a quote

    Why work with Word+Pixel?


    Let us get the most out of Twitter for your business

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