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Client’s brief:

We were engaged to help with the launch of the social-video application SVPER.
SVPER is a social video-only app for meeting new people. It leverages blockchain to enhance security and transparency as well as rewarding users for meet-ups through SVP tokens

  • Develop a communication strategy
  • Elaborate & Execute Bounty campaign
  • Deliver Social Media campaign
  • Raising SVPER’s profile in key target media

Although the product had great potential, the Online Dating market is highly saturated


In order to help SVPER gain recognition amongst its competitors, we were engaged to support the product across a number of areas:

  • Develop a branding and communication strategy
  • Refine the product to drive engagement – in this case with a bounty campaign
  • Develop a social media campaign to boost awareness

We conducted a detailed review of the market to identify pain-points and concerns of the target user-base. The most significant pain-points were the inconsistency of replies, unrealistic or outdated profile pictures, and a vast numbers of bots


In spite of these concern, there was a clear growth trend in both online dating and the broader online socialising market. Key players in this space were introducing new features to offer not only online dating, but also platforms that enable people to meet new friends online, moving away from a siloed online dating offering.
We suggested that SVPER position itself to both address these user pain-points and to facilitate these trends of broader online socializing. We advised SVPER to position the the project as an app for forming new real-life relationships in real time. We developed a communications strategy that sought to address target users’ pain-points and concerns. Video teasers were produced to showcase the app in action, targeting each user profile. We developed a social media engagement strategy and page in order to attract and retain a prospective user-base ahead of the launch of the app.
To support the ICO campaign, A bounty campaign was launched to gain the support of the crypto community and engage them with the brand


Communications strategy for SVPER App that brought 45k followers on Social Media within 3 months

  • Strong Brand Identity and bespoke website
  • Social Media Campaign brought
    • + 12,5K followers on Instagram
    • + 9K on LinkedIn
    • + 4K on Telegram
    • + 19K on Facebook
  • Publications in more than 30 magazines and websites
  • 20k people participated in Bounty Campaign
  • SVPER raised funds to proceed to the development