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Copywriting: more than just words on a page

Have you ever used a writer who just didn’t get your business or the services you offer? It’s a frustration we hear from a lot of our clients. That’s why our team is made up of journalists and business storytellers who are used to making the complex, simple and the difficult, easy

Great copy is essential at all levels of the sales funnel. It’s worth the investment because it shows potential clients your brand and the values behind it. Relying on staff to produce a regular stream of blogs, articles and reports for your content marketing, while also doing their main job, is likely to be a waste of time, energy and money

As trained journalists we’re used to putting in the research to back up the story ideas we generate. You’ll be surprised how many angles we can develop to keep subjects fresh and newsworthy. We also know how to craft them for different platforms from blogs and articles to white papers and e-books. We have a network of designers and photographers to add visual impact to the words on the page. In short, we offer an end-to-end service, from idea generation to publication


A true blog is all about opinion and thought leadership. They can be short or long, but the best offer something new to the reader. For instance, your clients want to know why you recommend going left when everyone else is going right. Our writers are used to teasing out opinion and insights from senior staff, spotting stories that would have gone undiscovered

Reports and white papers

An in-depth report or white paper can be a great lead magnet. However, in return for their contact details potential customers want quality content, so any reports must be well researched and carefully written. Remember, these reports are like a shop window for your organisation, make sure you put the best of your brand on show


Great eBooks have the look and feel of paper but on a screen. They need careful design and stunning visuals to bring them alive. At their best, they present content in a truly creative and engaging way

Case studies

Nothing explains what you do better than a case study. Built on the tried and tested formula of challenge-solution-outcome they demonstrate your abilities, your approach and offer a testimonial to boot. Often underestimated, they make great social media posts and marketing materials

Email marketing and newsletters

When you’re talking directly to past, present or future customers, it’s critical you serve them the best of your content in an easy to digest format. To be worthy of a click, headlines must be engaging and punchy, something that comes naturally to our writers

Video scripts

Often overlooked, but there is a special skill to writing a video script. We’re lucky to have experienced broadcast journalists on our team who practise the art of ‘writing to pictures’. Don’t leave your storyboarding to amateurs


Great content takes creativity, time and strategy. Don’t struggle alone. We offer a monthly subscription service which will guarantee you a steady stream of engaging content to drive leads and interest. The service is totally flexible. Want a video and two articles one month and then four articles the following month, no problem. Contact us to find out more

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