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Digital PR

The digital world has changed massively over the last decade and PR needed to evolve to keep up. No longer just churning out press releases, the best PR now combines traditional PR tactics with content marketing, social media, and search optimisation

Word + Pixel uses digital and social media technology to drive awareness and understanding of your brand, while developing or maintaining your reputation

Who is Digital PR for?


Business people who wish to spread the word about their products or expertise to a wider range of clients

Independent consultants & CEOs

Professionals who want to share their experience and expertise to stand out in the crowd


Opinion leaders who wish to grow their audience through engaging content

Brands and companies no matter their size

Digital public relations enables you to get your brand in front of the movers and shakers of your chosen industry. With it, you control what content people see and how they see it

How we do it?

To differentiate yourself, you must create impact on an audience inundated with thousands of messages a day. Word + Pixel helps you create a strong vocal and visual identity and shapes your digital PR strategy

Clear brand identity & voice

Your brand’s personality is what makes it stand out. We help you define your company identity and your brand voice

Articulate purpose

Who are you? Why do you exist? Who is your content for? We’ll help you be consistent in your purpose to build trust with your audience

Content frameworks

We don’t believe in rigid or exhaustive content plans. Flexibility is the key. We design a framework of topics, themes and formats to allow you to demonstrate your expertise in a way that is always relevant

Engagement tactics

We work with you to deliver consistent, quality content to engage your audience and encourage meaningful conversations

Promotional plan

Success is 20% great content and 80% promotion. We make sure your content is exposed to as many people as possible

Monetisation strategy

If you want to earn money from your online presence we’ll help you develop a monetisation strategy right for your industry and audience

How can we help?