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Use LinkedIn to market your business

Generate leads. Find new talents. Grow your personal brand. Build your brand’s personality

Why LinkedIn?

How can we help?

We can help you to use LinkedIn for business, equip you with the best tools, and ensure you get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy

Generate leads

Better-defined audiences lead to better and more cost-effective lead generation. Only target decision makers

Engage with a business audience

Becoming an authority in your industry is a great way to promote your business and better serve your clients

Recruit talent

The world’s largest professional network. Access 690M+ profiles worldwide. Find, connect and recruit the people you want on your team

Establish strategic partnerships

Your salesforce can use LinkedIn to find and approach new businesses. Social selling helps best-in-class companies achieve a 16% increase in annual revenue

Free audit of your LinkedIn Page

Provide a link to your company’s LinkedIn Page and contact details. Our team will get back to you with a free audit of your activities

    What to expect from promotion on LinkedIn

    Research: Audit of the current page; Analysis of Target Audience, their needs and interests; Competitor analysis, their USP and communication strategies

    Strategy and planning: Development and implementation of a content strategy to build your brand’s online following, targeting the right people and serving the right purpose

    Creating content: We develop a content plan to make you stand out through posts that your audience will want to read

    Paid ads: If you use social media for lead generation, we adapt your core offer or add tripwires to help leads make a purchasing decision faster

    Analytics: Weekly and monthly reports for content, community engagement and ad campaigns. We translate data into actionable plans for the upcoming months

    What budget do I need for LinkedIn ads?

    The cost for LinkedIn ads depends on the niche, strategy, volume and country you’re targeting. We work with any budget. Fill in the form below and our team will get back to you with a quote

    Why work with Word+Pixel?

    Let us get the most out of LinkedIn for your business

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