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OLAB Paris
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OLAB Paris

Client’s brief:

Olivier Lebrun is a French hairstylist and an owner of beauty salon “OLAB Paris”. Olivier contacted us seeking ways to increase awareness and drive clients to his salon


Even though Oliver himself was known in the fashion industry, his business and brand “OLAB Paris” suffered from weak brand recognition and limited online presence. The website was not user friendly – the bounce rate was significantly higher than average and no content was produced to engage users


After conducting a messaging session, we helped clearly define the strengths of the brand that would enable it to stand out from the competition. We then repositioned the OLAB brand and Oliver’s personal profile in order to clearly project these unique strengths

  • We relaunched the website to reflect the strengthened brand as well as to enhance user experience and get higher visibility on Search Engines
  • An e-shop was introduced to establish an additional source of income and boost brand proliferation
  • Content guidelines for social media were outlined to strengthen brand recognition and drive clients


Influencer PR Campaign:

Moreover, influencers and celebrities are spoiled with attention from beauty brands, which make it hard to get an endorsement. In order to boost brand awareness even further we developed a PR campaign to attract influencer and media collaborations


We increased sales by 25%

  • Website Relaunched – https://olabparis.com
    • Website visits grew by +14.16% more users
    • Organic (unpaid) traffic increased by +26.61%
  • Traffic from Social media increase by +18.44%
  • The newsletter open rate grew to 39%