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Promote your business on Facebook

We connect your business with the audience that matters

Why Facebook?

How can we help?

W+P will help you develop a strategy to engage users that matter to your business, and convert them into high-value prospects

Attract new clients

Facebook advertising allows you to target specific demographics, based on location, age, gender, interests and behaviour pattern. Precise targeting lowers the cost per client

Grow a loyal community

With the right content strategy on Facebook, you’ll build trust with your clients, increase their loyalty and develop passionate brand ambassadors

Reach real people

Facebook takes care of their community and frequently removes fake accounts. You spend your ad budget reaching real people, not fake accounts

Build a brand

Promote and increase brand awareness for your business through Facebook. Recommendations, reviews and testimonials from current customers can boost your brand and attract new clients through the grapevine

Free audit of your Facebook community

Fill in the form and our team will get back to you with a free audit of your activities

    What to expect from promotion on Facebook

    Research: Audit of the current community; Analysis of Target Audience; Competitor analysis, their USP and communication strategies

    Strategy and planning: Development and implementation of a tailored strategy to build your brand’s online following, targeting the right people and serving the right purpose

    Profile identity: We create and manage all of the details that influence consumer perception: profile set up, content, brand voice

    Day-to-day management: We produce a content plan; develop visual materials and popular content to share; interact with the community in comments and private messages

    Paid ads: If you use social media to drive sales, we adapt your core offer or add tripwires to convert followers into loyal buyers

    Analytics: Weekly and monthly reports for content, community engagement and ad campaigns. We translate data into actionable plans for the following months

    What budget do I need for Facebook ads?

    What budget do I need for Facebook ads?

    The cost for Facebook ads depends on the niche, strategy, volume and country you’re targeting. We work with any budget. Fill in the form below and our team will get back to you with a quote

    Why work with Word+Pixel?

    Let us get the most out of Facebook for your business

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