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Client’s brief:

MediConnect is a blockchain solution built on the Stratis platform to revolutionise the way medication is managed and traced in the UK. It will prevent the over-prescription of medication and provide traceability of drugs throughout the supply chain. We were tasked with supporting the ICO by:

  • Developing and delivering social media strategy
  • Executing bounty campaign
  • Raising MediConnect’s profile in key target media

Social Media groups were poorly supported or integrated into the marketing strategy. Posting was inconsistent and there was a low engagement rate. This was mostly due to the lack of news internally to share with fans


MediConnect has a strong social responsibility focus in its business concept. To support its wide adoption and gain support, we built the community around tacking subscription drug abuse as well as more general addiction issues. The audience fell into two segments: those who suffered from addiction issues themselves and those who didn’t suffer from addiction but wished to support the cause and those who did. On social media, we focused on spreading the word about prescription drug abuse, an issue that not many people are aware of, despite the very real dangers that exist. To support this narrative, we shared insightful statistics surrounding the issue as well as recovery stories, many of which were shared by the community members.
To support the ICO, we launched a bounty campaign to gain the support of the crypto community and expand the organisational outreach on social media


Mediconnect raised funds of 100 BTC, 383K STRATS

  • Social media campaign brought:
    • +3.5K likes on Facebook
    • +3k followers on Twitter with average 80K monthly impressions on Twitter and 1,5% engagement rate
  • 5k users participated in the bounty campaigns and performed 70k actions
  • Press Hits in Fintech Finance, Health Tech Digital, Proactive Investors, Coin Rivert, Crypto Ninjas, MedTech Engine, UKTN, Health Europa, Digital Health Age