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How To Use Content Marketing To Support B2B Customer Retention
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Content Marketing is a valuable tool for customer retention when it comes to B2B companies. Whether you offer a service or a product, the right content that is skilfully curated and marketed is indispensable for forging, maintaining and strengthening client relationships. In this blog we’ll set out exactly what content marketing involves and how it can be used to retain clients, reach new customers and enhance your word-of-mouth reputation to drive sales.

What is Content Marketing and how can it be utilised by a B2B company?

Put simply, content marketing means adding value to your product and/or services through the creation and publication of informative, useful and relevant content. Not only does it complement other marketing activity as part of an overall strategy, it can serve to position a company as an industry leader, build trust in its brand, retain clients and strengthen the customer relationship, as well as attract new clients through referrals. Examples of content marketing material include webinars, training, ‘how to’ guides and videos, newsletters and infographics. So, how can a B2B company curate content that is useful, engaging and high-quality whilst appealing to the key decision-makers among its client base? At Word and Pixel, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you.

Knowledge is Power

B2B Companies often don’t realise that one of their most important assets in content marketing is their niche expertise. Any guides, manuals, video tutorials or even think pieces on important issues within their industry serve to establish them as a voice of trust and authority. For example, a software provider might send out a short, easily-digestible guide each week on one specific feature, not only making their client’s life easier, but possibly promoting a capability of the software that their client wasn’t even aware of. As to content that is not directly linked to the particular product or service you provide, if a B2B client sees that your company is offering advice or feedback on crucial matters within their industry, this will only serve to position you in their mind as a trusted brand and validate the purchasing decision they have made.

But not all Knowledge is Equal

It goes without saying that you want to highlight the fact that you are experts in your sector. But, as they say, nobody likes a show-off. So, make sure that your content marketing is always firmly focused on your customer. Of course, if your service has recently won an industry award, promoting that fact will serve to raise your profile and standing, but your customer will be much more interested in hearing about a new industry trend that will directly affect their business. Such information doesn’t only reinforce your expertise in the field, it also helps them in achieving their business goals, and therefore adds value. 

Play the Long Game

By that we mean that you need to have customer retention in mind from even before the word go. High-quality content will translate into customer acquisition. For example, visible FAQs don’t only aid in resolving any doubts your potential client might have, they also generate a sense of confidence by implying that previous customers before them have successfully used your product or service. And once you have your new client on board, think cross-selling, upselling and new product launches to name just a few opportunities for increased revenue. Added to the fact that the cost of generating a new client is calculated as being anywhere between 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one and the time and resources invested into content marketing for client retention are sure to pay dividends. 

Set Tongues Wagging

B2B companies have a tendency to think that strategies involving referrals or loyalty schemes are the domain of B2C brands. It is definitely worth revisiting this notion. Those making the B2B purchase decisions are increasingly seeking out suppliers who can offer them extra value and superior service. Happy customers provide a resource of brand ambassadors who can share their experience of your company with their peers, be that at industry fairs or simply between departments or within a company group. And if they get rewarded for their support as well, then it’s a win-win situation.

It’s what you do and the way that you do it

Be sure to connect with your audience through content that engages and arouses interest. Define your client avatar and make sure you are on their wavelength. Ask yourself what their needs and pain points are and use those as the point of departure for your content marketing plan. Consider investing in professional content creation services to boost and refine your content marketing performance. 

These are just a few tips to help enhance your content marketing to increase customer retention and drive sales. If you would like to discuss your strategy in more detail then our experts here at Word and Pixel would be delighted to chat more about how we can maximise its potential.

Head of Communications, Word+Pixel