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This is how a B2B company can leverage social media
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There’s a widely-held misconception that social media is for B2C companies. But with the right strategy, content and platforms, B2B companies can leverage social media to bring them leads, brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately an increase in revenue. We’re going to share some insider tips with you on how to harness the power of social media for your B2B company in order to grow your business.

Personality matters

Find your brand’s personality and how it will make you stand out. Just because your product isn’t particularly exciting, doesn’t mean that your brand can’t be! If you manufacture automotive parts, then a series of Instagram photos without any captions aren’t really going to be turning your customers on, but this is where you need to get creative and think about the story you’re telling to your audience. Connect with your potential client base to raise brand awareness and profile. If they like you, they’re more likely to convert into a customer. Even short tweets can establish your personality and tone. 

Dare to be different

Look at what your competitors are doing on social media and then think about how you can do it better! Think about your USP or added value of your brand and see how you can convey this to your audience in a way that connects with them. For example, is your product environmentally friendly or does the service you offer go the extra mile to make a customer’s life easier in some way? Whatever it is, be sure to shout about it! 

Lead from the front

Confidence is key. To build the trust of your audience you need to demonstrate your expertise to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Original content, whether in the form of educational videos or client testimonials and reviews, will highlight your knowledge and expertise and position you as a brand your audience can rely on. Showcasing your team can also help to emphasise your company’s history and specific skills. Posting content that is relevant to your industry to encourage thought or to open up a discussion will also position you as a dominant force within your business sector. 

Be awesome and engaging

Your social media content needs to connect with your audience. While you may be supplying a service or product to other businesses, it’s worth remembering that a human being is making the purchasing decision. Use a conversational tone to relate to your audience and their values and don’t use your posts to directly sell or promote your services. Memorable, interesting, informative, positive, emotive and even humorous content are all sure to make an impression. And remember that social media is a two-way street. Don’t just focus on your own posts but make sure that you interact to strengthen the relationship between you and your audience. Comment on posts with solutions that demonstrate your expertise, reply to comments and ask for opinions. Your social media presence should be energetic and interesting.

Choose wisely

Focus on the most B2B-friendly platforms and those that fit your particular niche. You should check out the channels your customers and competitors use as a starting point. It’s worth noting here that  80% of business leads generated by social media come from Linkedin so it is likely to be a good place to start. Its analytics feature also helps you to assess which content is most successful and even how your competitors’ content compares. You also need to think about using different platforms to accomplish different objectives. Maybe you want to use Instagram to raise your brand’s profile and Twitter to make some noise about a new product launch. With new channels emerging on a regular basis and the fast-moving nature of social media, you need to ensure that you review your platform strategy at least once a month to ensure that you stay ahead of the game. 

Designing a great B2B social media strategy requires time, planning and expertise. If you’d like a helping hand, then here at Word & Pixel there’s nothing we like more than creating social media solutions to ensure that our clients grow and prosper. Contact us to find out more about how we can leverage social media to your advantage.

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