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5 essential tips for using social media to promote your IPO
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Preparing your business for its IPO is likely to be one of the single most important phases in your company’s history and also one of the most complex. Yet businesses often get so caught up in the financial and administrative plans for going public that they overlook a crucial component of this process: the formulation of an integrated and far-reaching marketing strategy to promote their IPO. A company’s brand image and marketing clout can be the difference between a successful or not so successful stock market launch and social media can play a pivotal role if you know how to use it wisely. 

We’ve drawn on our extensive experience at Word and Pixel to provide you with 5 insider tips for promoting your IPO.

It’s never too early to plan ahead

Whether or not you are considering an IPO in the near or distant future, there are three things to remember… preparation, preparation, preparation! In fact, if there is any possibility of your business taking this step, you need to run your business as if you are ready to take it today. Which means getting your social media strategy up and running now to build your brand image and ensure that it is optimised to win the trust of investors. 

Raise your brand’s profile

Analysis has shown that strong brands have higher share prices and are less affected by any turbulence on the markets. Brands that are consistent and already familiar are also more likely to attract potential investors. Social media has a plethora of platforms with the power to spread your message far and wide. Which brings us to our next tip…

Identify your audience

Once you’ve identified and refined the core messages of your brand, make sure that you are targeting the right audiences. Analyse the various channels to be aware of the value and audience of each platform. You’ll be wanting to speak to potential investors and shareholders, current and future clients and even your current and future employees.

Start up your fan club

A strong online community is key to enhancing your company’s image and credibility. Regular and consistent communication helps to create a loyal following. Be sure to monitor post sharing and comments at this information-sensitive time to ensure that your company’s reputation is upheld.

Find your brand ambassadors

Who will lead the social media charge? In addition to your founder or CEO, who will appeal to investors and relay your company’s narrative in a way that is engaging and builds both brand visibility and loyalty? Consider the overall image of your brand and the story that you wish to tell. Remember, social media may not be targeting investors directly, so ensure that you focus on building confidence and being a likeable brand. 

And finally… yes, we said 5 tips, but we always like to add some extra value…

Bring in the experts

With so much work to be done at such a critical moment in your company’s evolution and the importance of adhering to communications regulations regarding IPOs, you might consider using the services of an experienced agency to navigate through your social media marketing. Content needs to be creative and innovative while also ensuring that it is legally compliant. Working closely with your teams, a good agency will ensure that you are putting the right content on the right networks, giving you more time to concentrate on the financial and legal aspects of your company’s transition from private to public. 

So, with the right tools in the right hands, social media can play a crucial role in promoting your IPO. If you are unsure about the next steps to take or would like to know how Word and Pixel can make social media work for your market launch ambitions, just get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

Head of Communications, Word+Pixel