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photo of Paul curran

Paul Curran

Lead Creator

Paul believes in the power of well told stories, written or filmed, to engage with audiences. He has produced videos and written copy for multi-nationals as well as third-sector organisations. Storytelling has been at the heart of each project.

Paul worked at the BBC for 23 years. At first in radio and then for 17 years in TV as an on-screen reporter. As a seasoned TV hack, he was trusted to break major stories and was renowned for bringing authenticity and relevancy to all scenarios. He carries the same ethos in teaching executives how to excel in interviews and how to make the most of any presentation opportunity be it a conference, panel or webinar. In addition, Paul is experienced in how to communicate in a crisis and regularly leads bespoke courses on how organisations can perform their best when under the worst of scrutiny

'Paul is a go-to professional with vast experience and a stack of ideas. Great to collaborate with on creative projects'

-Matthew Morris - Head of Communications (UK), International Committee of the Red Cross